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Author Topic: CoWatch 1.2 Software Release Note December 22, 2016  (Read 6451 times)


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CoWatch 1.2 Software Release Note December 22, 2016
« on: December 22, 2016, 10:00:28 PM »

Dear CoWatch Pioneer,

Software release 1.2 for the CoWatch includes bug fixes, a redesigned notifications UI, and significant stability improvements. An update to the CoWatch Companion application on iOS and Android is also available.  Please update your Companion apps in the App Store and Google Play Store as there are important crashes that are fixed in the newer versions . A summary of the changes are below. 

Your continued feedback allows us to provide the most important features and bug fixes in earlier releases so please let us know what is working and what can be improved at

CoWatch 1.2 Release Notes (Build 755.signed):
●   New holidays-themed watchfaces
●   Notifications look better now in list view and full-screen view
●   More notifications are visible at once in the list view
●   The notification indicator (the red line at 12 o’clock) has been separated from the charging indicator and now has 4 states:
○   No notification indicator (no notifications in active or no unseen notifications in ambient)
○   Three dots indicating new notifications, opening the notification panel or waking the watch will reveal the full size notification (active and ambient)
○   Solid dash indicating unseen notifications (active and ambient)
○   Faded dash indicating already seen notifications in active (there are notification but you have opened the notification panel since they arrived)
●   The charging indicator has been moved to the 6 o’clock position
●   The charging indicator and notification indicator (if present) will be white in ambient mode and red in active mode, making it easier to tell what state the watch is in.
●   Added “Clear All” button to the notification panel
●   Blocking a notification will not remove it from your phone
●   Reply button on Gmail notifications is fixed
●   Quick Responses now support multi-character emojis (flags)
●   Fixed the issue with heart rate monitor staying on
●   Added support to the always-on screen for the stopwatch
●   Reduced transition time when shifting to standby
●   Bluetooth connection stability improvements
●   Heart rate monitor now measures heart rate continuously when open
●   You can now choose 24 or 12 hour time while keeping the time synced to your phone

How to Update Your CoWatch

Update watch software to the latest build (build 755 as of December 22, 2016)
1) First set up a wifi on the watch by the following steps. Go to 2) if you have a wifi already
-> Go to quick launch menu (swipe from bottom to top)
-> system setting (gear icon in the middle)
-> WiFi settings
-> Select a WiFi network
-> Click the cursor under “Password”
-> “Input text on your phone” message box shows up
-> Check “Show password” check box so you can see the password when you type
-> Type password on your iPhone in companion app if your watch has paired with your iPhone, if not, swipe from right to left to bring up the hidden keyboard on the watch to type the password
-> Swipe from left to right to remove the keyboard after finishing typing the password, or click the bottom left keyboard icon to hide the keyboard
-> Select “connect”, it will take a few seconds to connect to the WiFi network
-> Click the WiFi network to check the status, signal strength, Link speed etc

2) Check and update watch software
-> Go to quick launch menu (swipe from bottom to top)
-> system setting (gear icon in the middle)
-> System update
-> Update to the latest build 755.
-> The system will install the latest update and reboot.
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